Joe Meloni

A report from AYTM Market Research confirms what many suspected: Americans plan to use several different technologies to keep track of the ongoing London 2012 Summer Olympics. The games officially kicked off last Friday with the opening ceremonies at Olympic Stadium in East London.

Brafton has previously reported that marketers can use the popularity of the international sporting event to drive relevant traffic to their website. Moreover, NBC Olympics and Twitter partnered with a hashtag page aimed at providing a hub for Tweets related to the event, giving added reach to brands that reference the event in content.

More than 43 percent of respondents will monitor to the events using different web channels, such as social media and sports news websites. AYTM also found that 24 percent of respondents will watch online video related to the Olympics, and 16 percent will use a mobile device to keep track of Olympic updates.

The Olympics, like many nationally and internationally renowned events, have dominated web discussions, trending in search and on social channels for most of the past week. Content marketing campaigns that include shared articles on social networks are strong sources of traffic for marketers that successfully relate trending topics to their industries.