It is important to target different keywords to the generic phrases everyone else in an industry is using, an expert has stated.

Scott Buresh, chief executive officer of search engine optimization company Medium Blue, made his comments in an article for PromotionWorld.

He warned that when every firm within a sector is pursuing the same phrase, it can be hard – though never impossible – to score a high position in search results.

Despite this, firms may choose to focus their efforts on less popular keywords and phrases, Mr Buresh continued.

Furthermore, this could mean searchers who do click through to their websites are more interested in the specific product or service it offers, he explained.

By using more targeted and less generic phrases, the „provider knows that a much higher percentage of visitors that are typing these terms are actually looking for the right kind of company and the competitiveness of the phrases has also been reduced“, Mr Buresh added.

Search engine giant Google offers marketers and web developers a keyword tool which allows them to generate possible words and phrases for their campaigns.