Joe Meloni

Some users and marketers on Google+ received the option create a custom URL last week, as Google begins the staggered rollout of the feature. Brafton reported earlier this month that Google announced the capability, but, at that time, only select brands and verified users were able to alter their URLs.

Users eligible for custom URLs will see a black bar atop their profiles indicating that they can make the change if they choose to. There is no indication from Google as to the number of users or brands that will receive the option during this first rollout.

According to Marketing Land, the notification comes with a suggested URL for each user and page that receives the capability. However, it’s unclear if users can create their own URLs or if they are expected to follow Google’s suggestion. The option „Request a Different One“ exists, but users may need to receive approval from Google for any alternative request.

For marketers, the creation of custom URLs for brand pages has implications for both social media marketing and SEO strategies. Essentially, the move simplifies the process of finding brand pages on the platform and through search. Moreover, companies can ensure that their branding strategies on the web are more successful with the addition of a URL including their brand name or slogan.

In terms of brand adoption of Google+, Brafton recently highlighted a report from Bright Edge that found more top companies have made the platform a part of their social strategies. According to the study, 75 of the top 100 global brands currently maintain presences on the site.