Joe Meloni

Marketing Land reported that Facebook is currently testing a new Subscribe feature for business Pages on the site. The tool was previously available for writers, celebrities and others who share content on the platform, but rolling it out to business Pages places a strong focus on organic social media marketing content.

Facebook confirmed to Marketing Land that it is currently in the early stages of rolling out the feature, which allows users to access the content shared by a company without Liking the page altogether.

The potential meaning of this move for marketers is unclear, as the Like functionality was still visible on the spotted test of the Subscribe button. Still, more options to connect users with branded content (whether or not they’re ready to commit to „Liking“ and advocating a company) is likely good news.

In 2012, Facebook has been aggressive in developing new tools for marketers on the website. Shifting the focus from its ad slots to content that appears within users‘ news feeds has helped Facebook increase the visibility of social media marketing material for companies on the site.

Brafton recently highlighted a report from Marin Software that found one Facebook marketing development has already helped marketers boost clickthrough rates on the site. According to the report, Sponsored Stories have led to a 20 percent increase in CTRs since marketers starting using them.