Joe Meloni

On its Developer Blog, Facebook announced new features that will help marketers take more control of their pages on the platform and organize their campaigns more effectively. According to Omid Saadati of Facebook, Scheduled Page Post, Unpublished Page Posts and Page Administrator Permissions all came about recently as the company looks to make its marketing features more complete. The features are especially useful for marketers who want to share content with audiences outside of business hours.

Scheduled Page Posts allow marketers using Facebook for social media marketing to set content to go live at a certain time. The tool will offer more organization for some companies, while helping ensure Facebook campaigns are updated at the same time as other elements of a web presence.

This will also help marketers who want to engage audiences with freshly shared content during off hours. Brafton has reported that Facebook activity generally rises from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. Plus, marketers in specific verticals may benefit from a Buddy Media study that describes peak engagement times according to industry.

Saadati also highlighted Unpublished Page Posts, which will allow marketers to create content that is shared only with specific users, rather than all of their fans. Some companies, especially those with diverse audiences, may create content better suited to some fans over others. The example cited by Saadati was a business running a sale on women’s shoes that only wants to target the campaign at those interested in the offer. Even further control for marketers comes in the form of Page Administrator Permissions, enabling companies with several different people working on their accounts to allow different employees to do different things.

As Facebook looks for new ways to differentiate its platform for marketers, it has rolled out other changes in recent months. For example, Brafton recently highlighted a report from Marketing Land that found the site was testing a Subscribe feature for fan pages.