Joe Meloni

Business Insider recently aggregated data from a series of reports detailing web usage among Americans spanning age groups. According to a study from Ericsson included in BI’s report, more than 70 percent of teens browse Facebook profiles every week, and the same amount comment and share content on the platforms. Moreover, Nielsen data cited by Business Insider says that more than 90 percent of teens use search regularly.

For marketers, the popularity of search and Facebook among teens demonstrates the potential for campaigns on these channels to resonate well among the age group.

Sharing content on Facebook that compels teen to interact with a brand on the network can help a company improve its visibility among this target audience. Moreover, growing reliance on search shows an SEO strategy that targets teens can help increase relevant traffic.Teens use search as often as most other demographics, but are less likely to use email.

In general, teens make up a growing amount of overall web activity. Companies focusing on the audience must use web marketing, as Business Insider’s report shows teens are among the most internet active age demographics in the United States.

Brafton recently highlighted a report from McAfee showing that teens typically access the web from several different internet-connected devices every day. While a majority do most of their browsing on desktops and laptops, smartphones and tablets are more common as the technology becomes more pervasive.