Joe Meloni

Facebook recently rolled out a Voice button for administrators of social media marketing campaigns on the site. Marketers in charge of Facebook Pages can now comment on their company’s content as themselves or their company with the click of a mouse.

For marketers, the tool will help them interact with and Like content they’ve shared on their company’s account more easily. While this move will only affect users who manage accounts for their employers or client pages, it’s a critical step for the company in terms of making the platform easy for brands to use.

Other adjustments for marketers in recent months include larger feature releases, such as Sponsored Stories and Sponsored Posts. However, making minor changes like the Voice button will help users interact with content more effectively.

A similarly minor change that Facebook recently rolled out was editing capability for marketers on Facebook comments. Brafton highlighted the feature in saying that accuracy is critical for any web marketing campaign as its important to use the channel to establish brand authority.