Joe Meloni

As part of social media marketing campaigns, the occasional typo on Facebook can be a problem. Interacting with users who pose questions and offer feedback can be frustrating when a carefully crafted response includes a mistake. However, Facebook has both marketers and users covered with the launch of a feature that allows editing to ensure any typos can be adjusted.

The move is another of Facebook’s attempts to make its platform more user-friendly. Allowing more control over social content will help marketers provide accurate information to fans and improve their position as thought leaders within their industries. But brands shouldn’t get any ideas about editing negative posts others leave on their Pages – it seems the feature only allows users to change their own posts.

According to Marketing Land, Facebook users can toggle between the edited message and their initial posts to ensure they are fixing the correct part of the text.

On other social networks, users have similar recourse to fix errors. Twitter users can simply delete a Tweet altogether and start from scratch, while Google+ users have able to make changes since the platform launched.

The update should come as good news to marketers looking to put a brand’s best foot forward on the social giant as strong social content on Facebook is an effective way to improve web conversions and site traffic. Brafton recently reported that exposure to Facebook marketing content improved the conversion rates among fans of retail chain Target.