When companies decide to increase their internet presence with a new website they often believe that the people who are creating the site will have search engine optimization (SEO) in mind during the build, but according to expert, that’s not usually the case.

Writing for Examiner.com, Peter Kent, author of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, says that for the most part, web developers do not understand search engine optimization (SEO) and therefore will generally not properly optimize a site.

Although Kent says that this is not true of all web developers, because search engine optimization (SEO) can take years to master it is something that should be left up to those with expertise – just as you would not ask an SEO expert to build a website.

"Now, this is of more than merely academic interest, because if you think that your designer will get [your] site ranked well in the search engines, you’ll be disappointed," Kent writes. "And if you actually pay for the designer’s SEO services you’ll also be just a little poorer."

The demand for companies that perform search engine optimization (SEO) for websites appears to be growing. A report from UK-based SEO firm Edit Optimization found that the amount of searches for SEO companies increased 83 percent in the last two years.