Joe Meloni

Drawing on the popularity of sporting events updates on its network, Twitter has launched a hashtag page to allow users to keep abreast of the ongoing UEFA European Football Championship. Like it recently did with events for NASCAR, Twitter has provided users with a dedicated page to interact with each other and see updates from the tournament.

For companies using social media marketing, leveraging trending topics to make social content more relevant to some users can be difficult. After all, it’s not easy to tie a European soccer tournament into a marketing strategy for a company outside the sports industry. However, leveraging trending topics into website content in a manner that is relevant to a target audience can provide an interesting, lighter read for prospects.

The benefits of using trending topics in web marketing and social content grow continue to grow, as Google, Twitter and others make adjustments aimed at trending topics and freshness.

Brafton recently highlighted Google’s new hot searches layout that includes the most recent, high-quality content related to popular topics along with the company’s traditional data on search activity around trending phrases.