Joe Meloni

A report from Good Technology found that email marketing campaigns are reaching consumers more often given the growth of smartphones. In fact, 68 percent of consumers said they check work email before 8 a.m. during the week and keep watch over their inbox even on weekends.

Even during vacation or other time spent with friends and family, people monitor work email to keep track of their inboxes. For marketers, the growing access of mobile emails means content sent as part of marketing campaigns is more likely to reach these audiences throughout the day.

Additionally, ensuring users can access website content included in email campaigns from mobile devices is critical to the success of these messages in driving traffic and conversions. Users who cannot interact with content from their devices are essentially wasted chances to drive leads and sales.

„In today’s ‚always on‘ mobile environment, secure access to corporate email and apps is a ‚must have‘ versus a ’nice to have‘ for nearly all companies,“ John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy for Good Technology, said in a release.

Also, Herrema said, more companies are allowing employees to use their preferred mobile devices for work. As such, workers are interacting with mobile content associated to their jobs more often.

Email marketing campaigns can help businesses drive sales and increase web visibility. However, like other channels, ensuring email is integrated with social media marketing and other campaigns is critical to success. Brafton reported 68 percent of businesses told Zoomerang and StrongMail that integrating email with social was a critical consideration for 2012.