Joe Meloni

A report from AYTM Market Research found that Twitter users are taking well to expanded Tweets since their initial rollout last week. Brafton recently highlighted Twitter’s announcement of expanded Tweets, which achieve the goal of providing more information directly on the site without shifting from the 140-character format.

According to the study, 51.4 percent said more information, such as content snippets included in expanded Tweets, are definitely helpful in determining whether or not they click shared links. Meanwhile, 36.1 percent said additional insights about shared links in Tweets could „possibly“ influence their click decisions.

Users want more information, and it appears that Twitter has found the ideal method of delivering it without letting microbloggers get too verbose. AYTM reported that Twitter account-holders, for the most part, are satisfied with the 140-character format. Even those who don’t use Twitter said that the format was not a deterrent in their decision to avoid the site.

Expanded Tweets allow users to click on shared links to certain partner sites, which expand into previews of the content.

Brafton has highlighted several of these updates, including the launch of Tailored Trends, which allow users to see trending topics based on follower activity, rather than location, which could help inform social media marketing campaigns.