UK-based technology analyst Brian Wilson, writing at tech news site The Inquirer, asserts that search giant Google is poised to inherit the mantle of the tech world’s evil empire from Microsoft.

The company is apparently not content with its domination of the search and online advertising markets – dominance which has made Google the single most important company for search engine optimization (SEO) – and has expanded into multiple new areas in recent years and months. Wilson cites Google’s purchase, late last year, of mobile advertising firm AdMob for three-quarters of a billion dollars as just one of a number of blockbuster acquisitions which, he suggests, mean that "Google wants to own everything in the chain."

And the company may have the firepower to do just that, according to Wilson, who says that it owns and operates "some of the web’s best applications, including Google Apps, Google Mail, Google Analytics and Google Maps."

Nevertheless, other experts point to the difficulties that Google has faced in the mobile market as evidence that the company does not possess a universal Midas touch, as well as a small but growing insurgency in search market share coming from Microsoft’s Bing.