Joe Meloni

A report from IDG Enterprise suggests that marketers consider creating engaging content that appeals to their prospects the most important element for their strategies. More than 80 percent of respondents said telling stories that engage website visitors is the best way to drive conversions, and diverse site content helps achieve this goal.

Content marketing strategies are often associated with SEO, and pairing the methods has helped countless businesses generate better presences on the web. However, ignoring the idea of storytelling, which is the heart of any content production, can hurt marketers – especially in an evolving searchscape that’s centered on building a high-quality user experience.

Brafton highlighted of Google’s Penguin search quality algorithm, which focuses on contextual elements of web content among other things. Articles that read poorly or contain cheap linking strategies that try to lift a site in search regardless of its value to users will detract from content’s value to a site.

Marketers also named strong editorial quality and originality as key concerns of their content marketing campaigns. Similar reports have found these topics problematic for some as well, with Brafton highlighting a report from Curata that found 73 percent of content marketers struggle to produce original content.