Joe Meloni

News content marketing campaigns that include distribution through social networks and focus on the strength of their mobile websites are more likely to garner views from their target audiences, according to a study conducted by AYTM Market Research. The report found that, in addition to TVs and newspapers, more Americans are using Twitter, Facebook and their smartphones to find relevant news content.

Twenty percent of respondents said they use their social accounts to keep up with news, especially locally relevant content. Moreover, 38 percent said they read websites to find information. An integrated marketing campaign that focuses on creating relevant website articles and blog posts, then sharing them on social networks and other channels, can help marketers attract their target audiences more effectively.

With both frequent web use and access to the internet through mobile devices growing every day, it’s critical that any marketing campaign relying on website content be entirely accessible to smartphone users. Similarly, tablet owners account for a strong amount of news content consumption on the web.

Brafton recently reported that 94 percent of tablet owners said reading and watching web content is their primary tablet activity. Moreover, about two-thirds of respondents said they regularly access their email accounts, which further demonstrates the value of email marketing campaigns that link back to content accessible on mobile devices.