Joe Meloni

As part of the annual American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, Americans said they are most satisfied with Google+. The network, which recently turned 1 year old, received a 78 on a scale of one to 100. It crushed Facebook in satisfaction ratings, which might make marketers reconsider their social media strategies.

The site has struggled to maintain consistent user activity since its launch, but those using the site appear to be happier with it than they are with other social networks. YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all boast greater activity numbers than Google+, but none of them are as well-liked as the site.

Facebook, the largest social network, scored the lowest at just more than 60 points. Aside from the ongoing scrutiny related to the company’s IPO may have hurt its rating, Facebook has seen a general decrease in satisfaction among its users in 2012. Much of the unhappiness has been caused by the launch of Timeline, which Brafton has reported is a source of concern for more than half of the platform’s users.

Among other social networks, Twitter finished with 64 points on the scale, and LinkedIn totaled 63.

The survey did not ask respondents to provide reasons for their satisfaction (or lack thereof). However, growing happiness with the platform could mean more consistent activity. As such, companies without Google+ as part of their social media marketing campaign should consider implementing it.

Brafton recently highlighted new additions to Google+ that were released during Google’s recent I/O conference. Aside from the new iPad app, Google rolled out Google+ Events, which both brands and consumers can use.