Joe Meloni

A report from Silverpop found that email marketing campaigns are seeing increased activity when recipients engage with the content, but fewer consumers open the messages they receive. According to the study, the open rate of emails fell from 22.2 percent in its previous study to 20.1 percent.

Silverpop also found that consumers who open email messages are accessing links shared in content more often. An earlier report pegged the CTR at 4.5 percent, but the most recent study found CTR was 5.2 percent across all measured verticals.

Some industries are performing better than others with respect to both metrics, but focusing on quality content included within the messages can help marketers in any vertical. Integrated web efforts that include content marketing and a strong social strategy are ideal for fueling email marketing, since these channels can increase engagement with email.

Moreover, solid content strategies can help keep email newsletters fresh – good news in light of evidence that consumers accessing email marketing campaigns are reading content throughout the day. Brafton recently highlighted a study from Good Technology that found 68 percent of respondents check their email before 8 a.m., while many do so on the weekends and during vacation.