Businesses put a lot of thought into their search engine optimization (SEO) and how the algorithms work for different search engines, but one expert says having good, compelling content is one of the biggest steps to good SEO.

Writing at Web Worker Daily, Dawn Foster says that if a site has content that other people are interested in, it’s going to take care of "95 percent of the way to good search engine rankings." Although there are other ways to increase search engine optimization (SEO) without creating useful content, Foster says it’s not likely to have lasting effects.

"If you don’t have great content, SEO is not going to be very useful for you," she says. "You might be able to do some SEO trickery to get people to your web site, but if they aren’t impressed by the content when they arrive, they won’t stick around long enough to have any impact."

One of the ways Foster suggests to create more compelling content is through good headlines. In addition to using keywords in the title of a post or article, she says websites should make sure it’s catchy.

When creating content, one of the things that can ruin an SEO campaign is duplication. With this in mind a number of news organizations like the Associated Press and Tribune Company are trying to cut down on duplicating stories to increase SEO.