Although many corporations have sustainability plans in place, they are not always the most searched for topic among internet users, and with that in mind one company has created a search engine optimization (SEO) tool which can promote how environmentally friendly a business is.

MediaPost reports that UK-based sustainability marketing company Clownfish has developed a strategy which it says will help manage the green reputation of a company online.

However, with the exception of the most green among us, Clownfish CEO Diana Verde Nieto says not many people are searching for the environmental policies of companies.

"Relying on keywords would require you to link with the words consumers search on, but no one will search for ‚Coca-Cola’s sustainable development policy,’" she told MediaPost. "Sometimes what the consumers search for and the words in web content do not match."

Clownfish says its new feature will make it easier for consumers to connect the dots between a company and what part they might play in environmental sustainability.

This is not the first time that search engine optimization (SEO) has been used in relation to corporations and their effect on the environment.

Earlier this year Greenpeace began using search engine optimization (SEO) for its Cool IT Challenge which was meant to link the names of the CEOs of some of the largest IT companies in the world with their firm’s environmental impact when a search was done of their name.