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Thirty-three percent of B2C companies consider generating greater brand awareness as a primary goal for SEO and content marketing campaigns, according to WebMarketing123. It takes innovative SEO content to differentiate a brand from others on the web. Katherine Akhlopkava, product marketing manager for ComFi, a consumer telecommunications company specializing in international calling cards, explains that a longtail keyword strategy helps her brand create content that caters to prospect interests while standing out in search.

An SEO strategy is heavily predicated on the keywords that define a site’s mission. ComFi’s products range from calling cards to mobile apps designed for international communication. However, developing a campaign centered around these terms didn’t yield the results Akhlopkava initially sought.

„We couldn’t reach our audience as effectively as we wanted with terms like ‚calling card‘ and ‚international dial codes‘. We had content about our products using these terms, but so did a lot of other sites.“ Katherine Ahklopkava, Product Marketing Manager, ComFi

„We couldn’t reach our audience as effectively as we wanted with terms like ‚calling card‘ and ‚international dial codes,“ Akhlopkava said in an interview with Brafton. „We had content about our products using these terms, but so did a lot of other sites.“

After careful analysis of search trends, ComFi realized immigrants, travelers and other core audiences in need of calling cards weren’t searching or arriving on its site strictly via head terms. Longer queries related to demand for calling loved ones and colleagues abroad were popular referral phrases and hot searches in general. Incorporating these terms into website content that focuses on international news that may inspire people to make calls helps ComFi appeal to the people it targets.

Katherine Akhlopkava, Product Marketing Manager, ComFi
Katherine Akhlopkava, Product Marketing Manager, ComFi

Akhlopkava said developing relevant content that includes longer keywords makes ComFi’s search presence more effective and yields convertible traffic gains for the company. Ultimately, the strategy has helped ComFi focus on information that matters to calling card buyers.

„Our content and keywords needed to become more relevant to our audiences,“ she said. „We don’t want to just be promotional with our site and content. Focusing on longtail keywords and news from the countries we target helps more people find our site. We pair this information with simple solutions telling visitors how we help them contact their loved ones.“

Since launching its content marketing and longtail keyword strategy, Akhlopkava believes ComFi’s website content is more compelling. The company now puts calling cards in context through its blog posts and articles by focusing on the reasons people make calls. Moreover, analytics show the strategy successfully engages website visitors and results in frequent returning traffic.

„We encourage website visitors to call the people they love, and our longtail-focused content appeals to them in the moments they most need to make the calls,“ Akhlopkava said.

Earlier this year, Brafton highlighted a report from AYTM Market Research that found longtail search queries help users find more specific results. More than 12 percent of survey respondents said they search for phrases with three or more terms regularly.