Joe Meloni

A report from the Association of Magazine Media found that varying demographics behave differently on the social web, which can help marketers inform their efforts more effectively. Much like other web strategies, social content’s value for a business is heavily predicated on reaching the right audiences.

The AMM studied the use of a series of social networks and broke down their user bases. According to the study, Facebook use is common among both American men and women across different age groups, while men are more likely to use Twitter than women. Moreover, younger adults are more active on Twitter than older generations.

In general, 91 percent of respondents use Facebook, and 40 percent use Twitter. The AMM also included YouTube in its study, and found video marketing can help businesses appeal to the 61 percent of Americans who regularly watch video on the site. Moreover, including links to video marketing content on different social networks helps companies appeal to more than half of both men and women who watch videos across platforms.

Other networks with strong user bases across age groups and demographics include LinkedIn and Google+, which resonate with 24 percent and 33 percent of adults, respectively.

Whether it’s a B2C or B2B company, the value of social media marketing on different platforms is on the rise. Brafton recently reported that many B2B businesses that formerly considered social unnecessary have found the channel effective for achieving their goals. IDG Enterprise conducted a study that found 40 percent of B2B organizations use social media marketing and consider their campaigns successful.