Joe Meloni

A report from Uberflip detailed the company’s increased attention from charities and nonprofit organizations, but the release also demonstrates growing investment in content marketing in the sector. According to Uberflip, creating custom content has helped these organizations harness the power of the web to increase visibility for their causes.

While Uberflip focuses on content distribution, marketers at charities and nonprofit organizations must focus on the development of their articles or white papers to attract new partners and donations. More interest from these types of organizations in distribution tools means more of them are actively creating content.

Brafton has frequently reported that branded website content impacts the eventual purchase (or donation) decisions of consumers – in fact 61 percent said they read articles, blogs and reviews on a business‘ site before spending their money. For nonprofit organizations and charities, the need to demonstrate a strong understanding of their causes and transparency about their spending can be even more important to winning online conversions.

Social media marketing is an increasingly important tool for charity marketers as well. Brafton highlighted a study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth that found active presences on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have helped charities and nonprofit organizations appeal to new donors.