Prolific bloggers are likely to engage well with online news content, according to figures from comScore.

The industry analyst defines "heavy bloggers" as the one in five users who spend the most time reading online journals.

Some 84 per cent of all traffic to blog sites consists of such individuals, comScore reveals.

General and politics-based news is among that most frequently accessed by heavy bloggers, the study finds.

Meanwhile, entertainment news is also significantly more likely to be viewed by the demographic group than by the online population as a whole.

"Blogs can often be described as both informative and entertaining," comScore notes.

"It is not surprising that heavy users of blog sites are more likely than the average internet user to consume news and entertainment content online."

Public relations firm Giles Communications recently launched a new social media arm in order to reach the blogging market.

Company president Peter Giles explained that technologies such as social networking allow "large pockets of customers" to be reached by online marketing efforts.