Joe Meloni

User-curated search engine Blekko has rolled out a social content platform, ROCKZi, according to a release from the company. The tool aggregates popular content from across the web relating to one of its 33 industry-specific „news boards,“, and businesses publishing original content on the latest trends in their sector should note ROCKZi’s potential as a valuable network for brand discovery.

Timely content will appear on news boards based on their popularity on the web and the votes of users. Blekko said that the move is part of its effort to make the internet about the content users are interacting with most frequently. While just 33 boards have been launched thus far, the company plans to expand this in line with user suggestions. Additionally, Blekko will eventually roll out customizable boards for users on the ROCKZi platform.

„As the number of news boards expands, and we introduce customizable boards, this has a the very powerful potential to revolutionize the way we discover good content on the increasingly cluttered web,“ Rich Skentra, CEO of Blekko, said in a release.

ROCKZi’s emphasis on user-friendly, trending articles gives businesses practicing news content marketing the chance to reach relevant audiences

Brafton recently highlighted comScore’s search engine analysis for June, which found that Google fielded more than 11 billion search queries in the month. Blekko reportedly saw 110 million searches from more than 5 million unique users. Obviously, both Blekko and its new content curation network have a ways to go, but their progress could signal a new trend on the web with user-curated networks delivering content.