Joe Meloni

Bing has announced changes to its image search pages that it hopes will provide users with more relevant, high-quality content. Using images as part of a content marketing campaign can help marketers stand out to the increasingly large portion of users turning to image search. According to the company’s blog, image search makes up about 7 percent of all queries on the website.

The updated SERPs will feature larger images shared on the page so that they can get a better idea of the quality of an image and its details. Moreover, scrolling over a picture will provide an even bigger preview of the content. To make it easier to find the content they’re looking for, users can also filter their searches with much more customization details. The new filtering options include size, color and the orientation of the image.

Even with those options, contextual elements of search can still make it difficult to find the right content. As such, Bing has added search suggestions to its SERPs when a user enters a term that could apply to a number of things. Using „Chicago“ as an example, Bing highlighted the suggestions that would come up. Among them were the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago skyline and the musical named after the city.

Like most sites involved in search or social media, Bing has also added trending topics to its image search capability. Users can click on a list of trends to see pictures related to the web’s most popular topics. Marketers using visual content can boost their campaigns and visibility for their site by creating related articles or blogs tying trending topics to their own website content.

Bing’s partner in search, Yahoo, also rolled out new image SERPs to bring users higher-quality content, Brafton reported. Yahoo also improved its video search pages to allow searchers to preview video on the SERP while searching for more content which might help marketers win more organic clicks on their video content.