Joe Meloni

In its Advertising adCenter blog, Bing reported the rollout of a new feature that will help marketers distribute ad content more effectively. Marketers now have the option of highlighting ads that are performing well and distributing content more effectively to drive traffic to more landing pages.

While it may be common sense to highlight pages performing well, marketers may find they can build a bigger arsenal of top performers by improving the content written on struggling ads‘ landing pages. Additionally, the actual ad copy that appears when a prospect sees the ad may not be as engaging as it could be. At times, focusing on the best-performing paid search ads may be ideal, but improving the struggling content is equally important.

Improving the effectiveness of paid search campaigns requires a strategy similar to content marketing for SEO success.

In the past, Brafton highlighted the ease of Landmark Bank, which found improving its organic search marketing also helped paid search traffic. In fact, developing high-quality website content aimed at improving the overall search engine optimization of the site resulted in 360 percent more traffic from PPC campaigns.

Marketers looking to improve the visibility of all of their paid search campaigns can focus on a content marketing strategy to ensure users interact with quality articles, blog posts and landing pages on their site.