Joe Meloni

In an interview with eMarketer, Brian Solis, principal analyst for the Altimeter Group, said marketers must adjust their web strategies to focus on multiple channels as consumers increasingly interact with different kinds of content. Both B2B and B2C companies are seeing their prospects engage with social media marketing efforts and sign up for email marketing campaigns on the way to conversions. Without strong presences in multiple channels, businesses miss opportunities to drive leads and sales.

According to Solis, conversion funnels are no longer about single consumer touchpoints. Marketers must plan to attract and engage their prospects on multiple channels to guide them toward conversion. However, even some companies with effective campaigns on several different channels struggle to integrate each one into one concerted funnels.

„It’s no longer a direct funnel,“ Solis said. „New media offers up new touchpoints, and wherever the customer is in that journey, awareness and consideration are critical points. If you’re not top of mind, you won’t be part of the evaluation process.“

Among the best strategies for new media marketing is making navigation between channels as seamless as possible. Brafton recently reported that email marketing campaigns that include links to a brand’s social media efforts can improve conversions and lead generation, and one-third of subscribers are likely to share branded email content on social media.