Joe Meloni

In an interview with eMarketer, Issa Sawabini, a partner at Fuse Marketing, said that college students are candidates for brands looking to target loyal consumers. However, marketers must develop web strategies and content that keeps the demographic engaged.

According to Sawabini, marketers often rely on new technologies, such as QR codes and SMS texting, to reach this audience, but it’s difficult to keep these campaigns engaging. Meanwhile, social media and content marketing could better appeal to the audience given regular use of the web by Millennials. Earlier this year, Brafton highlighted a report from Big Red Rooster that found the generation responds well to web marketing efforts that focus on adding value. In general, creating content that targets specific pain points of these prospects will attract them.

„They’re loyal to brands who understand them, and they’re loyal to brands that speak their language and engage them on their level,“ Sawabini told eMarketer. „You can see that loyalty in the behavior – increased likelihood to purchase if a brand is an active follower on Twitter or friend on Facebook.“

While Sawabini mentioned some mobile elements of marketing as troublesome for reaching college students and younger adults, targeting social platforms can help companies reach these users on mobile devices. Brafton recently highlighted a study from comScore that found social media access is one of the top uses of smartphones aside from calling and texting.