Lauren Kaye

Google is making strides to provide internet users with better search experiences. The Penguin algorithm is striking spammy results out of SERPs and webmasters will soon be able to solicit feedback on their web content directly from pages, Brafton reported. Now, the search engine is adding new reporting functions to help marketers spot their SEO pain points, according to a Google+ post.

Along with the ability to track search impression share (the number of actual impressions divided by the approximate number of impressions sites were eligible for) and the search exact match impression share (the actual number of impressions for exact match keywords divided by the number of impressions they were eligible for), publishers can also determine if poor web design is hurting their success.

The Search lost IS (rank) report shows how often paid ads weren’t displayed because of poor AdRank. Google determines AdRank by a number of factors, including marketers‘ bids, the quality of ads, keyword relevance and website quality score. That is, if users will actually find valuable digital content once they click on the ad.

Google continues to send a strong message to marketers, warning them to clean up their web presences to maximize user experience or accept lower positions in SERPs.