Joe Meloni

Even with five months remaining in 2012, marketers are looking ahead to 2013, and 44 percent of companies believe they’ll spend more on marketing next year, according to a study from Sagefrog Marketing Group. Many of these organizations plan to dedicate more time and resources to web marketing as part of their greater investments.

Sagefrog’s 2012 B2B Marketing Mix Survey found that companies increasingly value web channels due to growing ROI and more exposure to prospects. About 66 percent of companies said they consider social media marketing an important part of their overall strategy, with Facebook and LinkedIn cited as the most frequently used platforms.

Other channels seeing more attention from these companies include SEO and email marketing, as marketers have found they are ideal for cultivating inbound leads. In fact, behind direct referrals, web and email marketing were named as the two best channels for lead generation. Moreover, they were both considered the top choices for driving ROI.

Earlier this year, Brafton conducted a poll of more than 100 marketers and found that they also believe web channels are driving leads most effectively. More than 75 percent of respondents said that using content marketing, specifically, has positively impacted their ability to generate leads.