Samantha Gordon

When you work at a content marketing company like Brafton, your schedule can fill up really quickly. From calls with clients to creative brainstorming meetings to actual content creation, it’s a good thing we’re passionate about what we do. But we also know this means we need to take a break every now and again to catch our breath, relax and reset.

Sometimes, this can mean taking a walk to get coffee from the local shop down the block. Other times Brafton employees can be spotted playing a quick round of Super Smash Bros. or a bit of ping pong. Last Friday, the employees in our Boston headquarters found out how sweet their content marketing jobs at Brafton could be when we held our first pancake breakfast.

Prepped and ready to feed the masses.
Prepped and ready to feed the masses.

Channeling our creative energy in a giving way

While we have lots of fun during the workday and in the Brafterhours, this particularly sweet event was not just a chance to break those pesky New Year’s resolutions. It was also our way of saying thank you to our employees.

Brafton's Boston office raised food for those in need right in our own community.During the holiday season, in addition to a toy drive in our Chicago office, we held a food drive in the Boston office to raise donations for the Greater Boston Food Bank, which we extended into January to give everyone a chance to help out after the holiday spending and travel frenzy ebbed. We even upped the ante, pitting the different departments against one another to see which team could best the rest. Nothing like a little competition to bring out the charitable spirit, right?

Our Sales team took the top honor,  but everyone in the office chipped in to help us raise food for those in need this winter. The end result is a formidable amount of canned and dry goods that will provide our fellow Bostonian residents with warm meals throughout the rest of the winter months. All that’s left now is for a few members of the Boston office’s Fun Committee to pile into a car with the boxes and drop them off at the food bank’s donation center nearby. Keep an eye on our Instagram to that leg of our adventure!

So what does this have to do with pancakes?

After seeing the overwhelmingly positive response to the food drive, we knew that an email wasn’t going to be nearly enough to show how much everyone’s donations meant. With food clearly on the brain, our Fun Committee decided to host a pancake breakfast for our staff as our way of saying thanks for all they did.

So, on Friday morning, the team arrived at the office at 8 a.m. to mix up batter, chop fruit and get ready to fuel Brafton’s workforce. Armed with an electric griddle, condiment bottles filled with batter, and more toppings and fillings than I even knew you could use in pancakes, we waited in our Patriots swag (Go Pats!) for the early birds to start catching some worms.

Of course our inaugural pancake was the company logo!
The all-star employee who ate the entire giant logo pancake by himself chose to remain anonymous.

We flipped dozens upon dozens of silver dollar pancakes – and a few custom designs – as our co-workers filtered into the office. The griddle was put through quite a stress test during the two-hour event, making our volunteers extra grateful for the flexible work hours at our content marketing company. With most of our staff coming into the office between 8:30 and 9:30, the line never got too long (or too short) as we whipped up pancakes filled with everything from bananas and blueberries to coconut and butterscotch.

Katelynn and Connor's pancakes did not last long after these photos were taken.
Katelynn’s fruity creation and Connor’s monogrammed pancake did not last long after these photos were taken.

All in all, it was such a rousing success that we’ve already made plans to keep this going on a monthly basis, and we’re planning to extend the event to the Chicago office soon as well. It was fun to see everyone hopped up on sugar and enjoying a special treat on a Friday morning, especially when people from different departments got a chance to talk about something other than work. Friendships are made stronger when they’re founded on pancakes, in my opinion.

Ask any Brafton employee what they love about working for the nation’s oldest and largest content marketing company, and invariably the first words out of their mouth will be about their coworkers. We’re headquartered in Boston, Mass., but have two other offices in Chicago and San Francisco, so you really do get to meet and work with a diverse group.

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