Molly Buccini

As the content marketing industry welcomes the beginning of 2014, the message for the approaching year seems to be simple: Content marketing is most successful when fueled by a collaborative approach. There must be synergy between the content formats produced and channels published, as well as a laser focus on the alignment of production and strategy.

Brafton CEO Richard Pattinson highlighted our agency’s commitment to a one-team system in 2014 during a company-wide meeting. In his end-of-year address, he discussed the developments Brafton made throughout 2013, and the direction we will take in the upcoming year.

„Content“ isn’t limited to a series of articles that fit the bill for a desirable word count and brand message, although this method once defined the market. As Richard says, successful content marketing delights its readers and viewers with useful information in unexpected, effective packaging. Simultaneously, it rewards its sponsors with clear and measurable results. In a constantly changing digital landscape, it’s crucial that marketers have a strategy that encompasses several formats.

Producing quality content is nothing short of critical, but each piece must have purpose. Marketing strategists and content producers have to have a unified goal, and siloed departments create communication difficulties that hinder ROI. With this in mind, content marketing at Brafton in 2014 will mean an even stronger one-team approach: Editorial, design, video, social and strategy departments will continuously build on aligned work flows to provide the best agency experience and the best results for our customers.

Fostering cross departmental relationships in 2014

brafton editorial roomFor James McClister, a Chicago news and content writer, strong communication with both his teammates and upper management is critical to feeling involved in the direction of a company.

“Richard’s dedication to a more united business is exciting in the way that it grants you a sense of ownership in the company’s success,” James said. “Before Brafton, I had never worked in a company with such an open line of communication with its executive leadership, and certainly never in a place where that same leadership was so actively working toward blending departments.”

Strong cross-departmental relationships not only drive effective content marketing, but also deliver a sense of company pride that’s key to Brafton’s overall employee satisfaction. This, in turn, paves the way for more professional success.

Richard recounted several instances from the last year where Braftonians have gone above and beyond to make the office environment both inclusive and fun, from outreach efforts to benefit our local communities to a blossoming Intranet for departments to post updates and announcements.

“I enjoyed Richard’s discussion on the evolution of the Brafton culture,” Manager of Content Marketing Michael Bratschi said. “It’s great to hear stories about what Braftonians are doing beyond their everyday responsibilities, especially when it comes to different philanthropic events that we are hosting.”

“As Brafton continues to grow, it’s clear we’re making corporate necessary changes,” said Brittany Debole, senior lead generation executive. “From increased PTO, to our new loft space in the Boston office, even offering healthier snack options, we are improving and will continue to improve.”

 “Before Brafton, I had never worked in a company with such an open line of communication with its executive leadership, and certainly never in a place where that same leadership was so actively working toward blending departments.”

Creating more opportunities for collaboration

More employee benefits and internal communications are mirrored by policies on professional collaboration. In an effort to improve the relationship between Brafton’s content producers and the strategists, Richard discussed Brafton’s new “stakeholders meetings” for the upcoming year. Team members will have more opportunities to work one-on-one to measure and develop the most effective tools for clients, which will both improve client ROI and create avenues for new creative endeavors.

Brafton Social Media Manager Ty Scheiner believes the ability to expand and improve upon our current offerings will not only add value to our existing customers, but will also be a fantastic feature that should appeal to new clients.

“Rolling out the new ’stakeholder meetings‘ in Q1 will really tighten up communication across all departments and make sure each member on an account is unified around a specific strategy,” Ty said.

Overall, Braftonians agree that the year to come will be our best yet.