Jessica Greiff

Despite our moniker, Brafton’s Chicago Fun Team is into some serious business. After all, debating whether the Diversity Tree we put up for the holidays should find a new life as a Valentine’s Day tree and then, ostensibly, as a St. Patrick’s Day tree is no laughing matter.

Aside from these important decisions, we like to dabble in charity work. This past holiday season, each Chicago team raised money and bought gifts for local children in need. In search of another philanthropic outlet, we reached out to the Red Cross back in September to see if we could organize a Brafton blood drive.

Five months, four holidays, two polar vortices and one postponed event later, we finally were able to secure a day to host the Red Cross on January 31. Braftonians really stepped up. We have on good authority that some even overcame a very real fear of needles in order to donate.

By all accounts, the drive was a rousing success. According to Lawrence, our fine Red Cross representative, 22 pints of blood were donated from a total of 25 donors. As each pint can aid as many as three patients, Brafton helped up to 66 people, a number I think we all can be proud of.

The Red Cross and the Fun Team both want to extend our gratitude to those Braftonians who donated, and we look forward to hosting similar events in the future.