Lauren Kaye

Industry: Higher education
Content: 7 daily Pins
Highlights: Pinterest content drove higher social referral traffic, conversions

Pinterest is out of the starting gates and proving it’s much more than a flash in the social media pan. Much more than a place for young female consumers to build boards about fashion trends and decor ideas, Pinterest is helping brands connect with consumers who are interested in their products and services.

Pinterest is driving profits

One Brafton client in the education vertical found Pinterest was a great place to set up shop and share engaging web content with its target audience. After starting a social media marketing strategy for Pinterest, traffic from the Pinterest marketing is driving profits for companies targeting B2C network spilled over onto the organization’s home page. There was a notable uptick in social referral traffic – 50 percent more visits coming from Pinterest.

More importantly, those visitors weren’t just social media voyeurs looking at interesting infographics or perusing pretty pictures. They were qualified prospects who truly wanted more information about about the organization’s program offerings, and content analytics reports reflect this interest. The number of conversions assisted by social content jumped 73 percent.

It’s what you share and how you share it

Two important parts of this winning social media marketing strategy are:

  1. The client found a network its audience used actively
  2. It shared content about topics that were important to target demographics

Brafton worked with the client to create boards that reflected its program offerings and subject areas that matter to its customers, such as job hunting tips and resume-revising tricks. The company was clearly clued in on what its By sharing the right content, companies can get ahead with Pinterest audience looked for online and delivered relevant content. Once visitors recognize the site as a reliable source of information, they became interested in what else it could offer.

This slow burn approach is exactly how social media marketing is supposed to work on any network. Through a series of soft touches, consumers become aware of the brand and ask for more information when they’re ready to become customers.