Kimberly Mehrtens

Within the software and solutions industry, you need engaging, attention-grabbing content to attract an audience — and keep it. Regardless of your product or service, how you present yourself online is what helps build trust and generate leads to meet today’s market needs.

That can be daunting for any company, but especially for the consistently evolving software space. As industry leaders, your content needs to be as cutting-edge as the solutions you offer. That’s where Brafton’s teams can enter the picture to help deliver unique content.

Ready to get inspired? Check out the latest top 5 examples of standout content we have created for our software and solutions clients:

1. Agile Education Marketing: Animated Demo

Agile Education Marketing isn’t exactly a software company, but they do offer data solutions that help education marketers make big decisions. And demonstrating the value of those solutions in under 3 minutes without sounding painfully dense is no easy task. 

Unless, of course, you’re a video animator. The beauty of using animated video to demo a solution is that you get the best of both worlds: A voiceover that explains exactly what the solution does, as well as stylized imagery that contextualizes each explanation and keeps the user engaged. 

To be perfectly clear, a great demo doesn’t have to wow everyone and anyone who watches it: just the target audience. In this case, that target audience is data-driven marketers in the education business. Niche? Absolutely. A bit technical? Sure. But niche and technical don’t have to translate to boring or unimaginative. Niche, technical folks deserve direct, engaging and stylized video content, too. So that’s what we gave them.

2. TM Group: Sales Enablement Content

For TM Group, Brafton’s team streamlined the sales enablement content to show how the company can improve their client’s main pain points (errors, poor system performance and other inefficiencies).

In one uniformly-branded sheet, a customer can learn who the TM Group is, read about real customer results and identify how their own challenges can be solved by this company.

The results? Greater user satisfaction, adoption and support!

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3. Moody’s Analytics CRE: Animated Signage and Logo

A company logo is essential — and an animated logo can take the company that extra mile when it comes to public recognition and engagement. Since an animated logo can set you apart from the crowd, Moody’s Analytics CRE chose to work with Brafton’s design team to create one.

However, the stakes were high. This logo not only represented the client to its customers but also was actively displayed at the San Diego airport for the entire month of January. This opportunity was thanks to a commercial real estate financing event held at the airport.

Together, they completed the below eye-catching animated logo:

4. The TEAM Companies: Animated Video Content

Brafton understands the importance of human-interest branded content, so we were thrilled to create an animated holiday video for The TEAM Companies.

In this 10-second video, many people (represented by the tops of their colorful hats) walk by a holiday display window while snow falls and music plays. Meanwhile, a “Happy Holidays!” message from The TEAM Companies pops up for employees.

Filled with holiday cheer and fun animations, this was a friendly way for the company to build and strengthen employee relationships.

5. WEX Inc.: Formatted Case Study Content

The best way to prove your software company’s value is to share the success stories of your clients — and the Brafton team can help you write, design and format that content! Word of mouth is an essential marketing tool and a well-made case study can help get those great opinions out to prospective and current software and solutions clients.

To add personalized branding and center the human aspect of this case study, the Brafton team incorporated photography and custom-made icons using WEX Inc.’s brand colors.

Our case study for WEX Inc. utilized bright colors and cohesive graphics to showcase their solutions to common client challenges and highlight their loyal customers.

Conclusion: Personalized Content to Fit Your Brand

The software and solutions industry is constantly evolving and changing — and so should your digital content!

To keep up with expectations and the latest design trends, Brafton offers a wide range of curated, custom content for our software-specific clients. Choose from our content writing, video, graphic design, lead magnet creation or a mixture of all of the above to achieve your ideal online presence.

Every new project is a new opportunity to set your company up for success, so why not take advantage of that with Brafton?