Lauren Kaye

Industry: Software
Content: Blog posts, infographics
Highlights: 20 top-10 keywords, 133% more organic traffic

Tech companies and content marketing go hand-in-hand because these businesses need to educate their target audience about the benefits of their products and services.

We worked with a security software company to create content that supported its goals for marketing results and user experience. Brafton’s content writing team provided original pieces on a regular basis that contributed to impressive gains in the brand’s search rankings across keywords, traffic to the website and user engagement.

Challenge: Create interesting content about software solutions

Tech marketers are largely aware of the need to educate prospects, which is why this industry is considered the most savvy in regards to content creation. Almost 90 percent of tech marketers have a content marketing strategy and say it guides their efforts.

technology marketers struggle to produce engaging content

However, marketing teams in the tech industry face the challenge of turning boring information about product specs and technical processes into engaging copy that people searching the web can quickly and easily understand – let alone want to read.

Brands that want to succeed in this arena need to turn the whole concept of technology writing on its head, bringing in a fresh voice and jargon-free language to dispel the idea that long-winded user manuals are the only collateral software companies can produce.

Strategy: Ditch the jargon & address your audience’s questions

Brafton’s content marketing strategists worked with the client’s marketing team to determine the exact approach that would be most impactful for the target audience (i.e. what their biggest pain points are, what kind of information they need, what questions they bring to the table).

We then decided the best approach would be to create comprehensive blog posts that focused on these subjects to:

    • Capture traffic from the searches we knew customers already made
    • Naturally weave in keywords to increase search rankings

Although it might seem like a weakness to have external content writers creating pieces about your highly technical products, it’s actually a strength. Writers who are learning about their client’s technology for the first time will likely ask the same questions as your target audience, and can convey information in a way that appeals to people who are just learning about what you do.

Ideally, you’ll also have bottom-funnel assets to point readers toward when they finish traffic-driving blog posts. White papers and case studies are a more appropriate place to use technical language on the benefits of your products and services.

This client did have a comprehensive content marketing strategy to educate its audience in the most engaging way as they moved across the buyer journey.

Results: SEO wins, strong reader engagement & conversions

As a result of this company’s successful content marketing, we’re now seeing a number of key wins across the sales funnel, ranging from higher keyword rankings to growing blog conversions.

Higher keyword rankings, giving the company more visibility in search results

keyword data increasese
  • Keyword rankings increased 18 spots

  • 21 keywords are now now ranking in the top 10 Google search positions

  • 20% increase in the number of times the brand shows up in users‘ search results for those keywords

More traffic to the blog as the brand’s readership grows

  • 133% more organic traffic in the past month

  • 91% increase in overall blog readership

  • Nearly 600% increase in overall readership

An engaged audience that’s more likely to convert on the site

The blog is bringing in traffic that is highly engaged. Blog readers demonstrate a number of behaviors that suggest they’re more interested in learning about the business than the average visitor, including:

  • 23% lower bounce rates than the site average

  • Viewing 47% more pages per session

  • Staying on the site 135% longer

We were ultimately seeing that people who come to read blog content are more likely to convert on the site, such as clicking a Contact Us form, submitting a newsletter request or downloading web assets (like white papers and case studies). In fact, blog readers accounted for 58 percent of all conversions on the site in the past month.

Technology marketers need to solve the challenge of creating engaging content with a strategy that appeals to customers and conveys information in a format that’s fun to read and easy to understand. When you make the information accessible to people who need solutions, you reap the rewards with a stronger web presence and a more competitive position in the marketplace.