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When bigger isn’t better – Find your money audience for social success


Learn how one of Brafton’s clients honed in on its most valuable social customers to generate more referral traffic and website conversions.

News Content FTW: Proof online publication brings crawlers & customers back


Quality over quantity in content marketing – but one Brafton customer’s success shows consistency drives traffic and leads.

Corporate blogging generates new visits & drives conversions [data]


Website traffic and search rankings are only half the ROI story of regular content creation. See how one Brafton client demonstrates consistency fuels conversions.

Is Facebook’s new algo behind brand’s huge social growth?


Facebook recently updated its Newsfeed algorithm to make credible social content more visible online, and one Brafton client may be reaping the rewards.

Misplaced CTAs are costing you conversions [data]


One of marketers‘ primary goals is to continuously drive ROI, but they may miss conversion opportunities if their CTA placement is poor.

Proof that landing pages with video provide superior ROI


An A/B test proves why landing pages are better with video content – they drive much higher conversions and bring in more traffic.

How simple design tweaks can make your CTAs 40x more successful


Looking for more ROI? Start with calls to action. One company’s success story shows how these easy-to-overlook features control conversions.